Pianists, Photographers and Fashion

It seems like every week our Staff Picks page is even more full of amazing people with fascinating stories to share. Here are our weekly favorites, our top four, and we hope you enjoy discovering them and the rest of the Staff Picks page. Remember to leave some compliments for those pages you like the most!

In our post header today we have Nafis Umerkulova of Uzbekistan, a concert pianist and graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Check out the YouTube video embedded in her page to hear her play!

Nigel Barker on about.me

A world renowned photographer, Nigel Barker spent seasons as a judge and photographer on “America’s Next Top Model”. A devoted husband and father, Nigel is also known for his humanitarian work.

Rachel Martino on about.me

A southern transplant living in New York City, Rachel Martino is a community manager, blogger and YouTuber. Her passions include all things fashion, beauty and French.

Mitchell Jarrett on about.me

A creative director and user experience specialist, Mitchell Jarrett studied architecture and studio art in college. His passions include photography, poetry and attending concerts.