Community, Entertainment and Fashion in Staff Picks

Every week it’s a struggle to choose our favorite four pages of the week, and this one was no different. Be sure to check out all of the pages below for inspiration in creating and updating your page.

And remember to check out Natasha Valle (in our header photo) an entertainment producer, presenter and media consultant. Located in Dubai, Natasha has had an international career spanning film financing, radio and tv. You might also have seen her in Cosmo, OK! Magazine or Rolling Stones Magazine where she is a contributor. 

Alvaro Gabaldon

A community manager at Florida State, Alvaro Gabaldon summarizes his job cleverly in his bio.  “I’m a biographer/ photographer/ writer/ producer with 140 characters and about 15 seconds to tell a story.”

Tiffany Zamora


Tiffany Zamora is a marketing student at California State University, Fullerton with 9 years of experience in retail sales in fashion.

Diwaker Gupta


Apart from being a “cloudphile” who is into big data and software systems, Diwaker Gupta is also a foodie.