Why One Social Media Guru Doesn’t Believe in Luck

Tiffany Zamora rules the social media world.

A thoughtful strategist in work and in life, Tiffany helps brands create native, optimized content for each of their social channels.

Tiffany’s inspiration? The people she surrounds herself with. Tiffany believes in creating a network of supportive family and friends who challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Tiffany walks us through a day in her life, an unexpected lesson she’s learned and why she’s a huge fan of about.me.

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Community, Entertainment and Fashion in Staff Picks

Every week it’s a struggle to choose our favorite four pages of the week, and this one was no different. Be sure to check out all of the pages below for inspiration in creating and updating your page.

And remember to check out Natasha Valle (in our header photo) an entertainment producer, presenter and media consultant. Located in Dubai, Natasha has had an international career spanning film financing, radio and tv. You might also have seen her in Cosmo, OK! Magazine or Rolling Stones Magazine where she is a contributor. 

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