Discover the new Intro App

First impressions matter. This is why we created Intro

With our new app, released today in the App Store, you can take your page and easily turn it into a sharable digital business card that actually communicates your identity.

Even in this digital age, it’s difficult to exchange contact information. Do you hand someone a business card? Do you type your information into a stranger’s phone? Or, do reach out to them on social media?

Intro solves this problem.

With Intro you can easily send your page, phone number, and email address to new friends, business partners, or contacts.

“We wanted to bring you the ‘next generation’ of the business card,” said co-founder and Head of Product, Ryan Freitas. “With Intro, context is clear as you’re able to look back at your new contacts, put a face to a name and understand why the connection was meaningful.”

At, we know that the first time you meet someone is the most critical part of building a new relationship. Intro makes it easier to connect with people you meet and leave a lasting impression. Download the app today, make some Intros, and let us know how you like it!

Special thanks to our awesome investors over at Google Ventures (shoutout to Leena and Graham) for putting together this video.appstorebadge

15 responses to Discover the new Intro App

  1. Benjamin

    Having a lot of trouble logging in on the app… are you experiencing any problems with the application right now?

  2. Looks great! (Patiently waiting for’s original app or Intro to come to Android. Anything coming soon?)

  3. great! This app is fantastic, so nice and very useful 🙂 I just downloaded it to my iPhone and I hope it will be available soon for my Android too! keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for your responses everyone! We’re working on Android but no word yet on when it will be available.

  5. […] es una plataforma creada con la intensión de mantener en un solo lugar toda la información acerca de una persona. En este sentido, en lugar de tener muchos perfiles en redes sociales podemos tener una sola página donde encontrarlos a todos. Hace poco en el blog de se anunció la creación de Intro, una nueva aplicación que puede transformar tu perfil de en una tarjeta de presentación fácil de compartir. Tú controlas lo que quieres compartir. Con los mismos datos de inicio de sesión con los que tienes acceso a la página de, puedes loguearte en Intro. Esta aplicación permite crear una tarjeta de presentación con tu foto, biografía, correo electrónico o número de teléfono configurados en tu perfil de o seleccionar al instante los datos que quieres compartir. Además permite visualizar la fecha y el lugar en el que has conectado con otras personas. Intro es útil para recordar a las personas que conoces en alguna reunión o cuando las tarjetas de presentación impresas se te han terminado. […]

  6. Not that we know of. Can you send us a message at with more details? Thank you and apologies for the late response!

  7. shawn peters

    any update on the Android version yet? just wondering as its been 2 months. Thanks.

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