Entrepreneurs, Musicians and Filmmakers: Staff Picks

There have been so many fun and fascinating people in the Staff Picks section lately that today we had to really struggle to narrow it down to our four favorites for the week. So without further ado, let’s hear their stories!

In our header photo we have Kevin Sherwin, award winning guitarist and conductor (hence the arm waving in the picture!). Playing guitar since he was seven years old, Kevin attended the Juilliard School for guitar and the Bard College Conductor’s Institute. He’s currently in his third year at Yale University. Be sure to check out his YouTube app to see and hear him in action! 

Anna VitalDid you know that we learn 50 times faster with infographics? That’s why Anna Vital wrote an infographic book on becoming an entrepreneur. Watch her embedded YouTube video to hear more about it!

Glauber BarcelóGlauber Barceló is an ambitious actor, director and producer working toward an Oscar in the next 20 years. He’s also a self-taught chef, animal lover and martial artist.

Rachel LippertA filmmaker, Rachel Lippert really enjoys warm weather because, as she says, “Where palm trees don’t grow, I won’t go.” Her hobbies include diving, fishing and painting.