A Journey Through Music with DJs

“Music is so powerful, powerful enough to re-live memories of a moment in life. I want them (my listeners) to experience those great moments while taking a journey with me.”
Diskino on music and DJing

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Since today’s post is on DJs, let’s kick it off with some music from our post header, Disco Pleasure. An Italian DJ duo consisting of Stefano Spadaro aka “Smith” and Lorenzo Lucenti aka “Renziux”, they’ve come together to create pieces influenced by funk and disco music of the 70’s and 80’s. We find it delightful (and hope you do too) so go ahead and press play. 

As you’re browsing the pages below, don’t forget to check out their tunes too. You can listen to many of them directly on their pages through their embedded SoundCloud playlists or YouTube videos. If you’re looking for some great mixes to add to your list, look no further than these pages.

Lissa MonetWith musical influences that run from Frank Sinatra to Jay Z to Caribbean music from her upbringing, Lissa Monet stands out as a talented, fashionable, female DJ and blogger

Glu Sound Glu Sound grew up in Belgium but now resides in the UK. His DJing highlights include the Queen’s Jubilee, playing in Iceland at Bjork’s club Sirkus and performing in Ibiza.

Miss Kay DeeA top female DJ in Eastern Europe, even if you’re not there you can still watch her spin and hear Miss Kay Dee in her embedded YouTube video.

Danny DiggsListening to his SoundCloud embed you can hear Danny Diggz performing with the likes of Diplo, Iggy Azalea and others. He’s now spun in over 20 US states and internationally.

Hannah WildWith a decade of DJ experience ranging from Ireland to India, if you live in the UK you might have seen Hannah Wild‘s face on one of Bourjois Paris’s mascara ads, above.

DISKINOAside from loving DJ Diskino‘s supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus t-shirt, we love hearing his beats in his embedded SoundCloud player.

Marija Dunn Marija Dunn was born in Belgrade, Serbia and due to the tough political climate, found her outlet in electronic music parties. You can now find her DJing in San Francisco.

Versus 5A Paris based house music ninja (as he dubs himself in his headline), Versus 5 is a DJ and producer.