Social Media, Acting and Journalism: Staff Picks

Welcome to the weekend and this week’s Staff Picks. As you’re lounging around on this Saturday morning we hope you enjoy getting to know the amazing people we’re featuring here. They’re actors, social media specialists, demystifiers and journalists and they all have fascinating stories to tell that leap from their pages! 

This week we’re all about actors and actresses on so we’ve picked actor, Romany Malco, as our header photo. He had his breakout role in the movie, “The 40 Year Old Virgin” but he’s probably best known for his part in Showtime’s hit series, “Weeds”. He’s also passionate about helping troubled teens and young adults and using his success to inspire them.

Carolina CañadaSocial Caroline as she’s dubbed herself or Carolina Cañada, is extremely passionate about social media and helping small companies use it well. In her spare time she writes a blog about the beautiful places she’s been in Spain’s Andalucia Region.

Afeef NessouliAfeef Nessouli freelances on projects related to the Middle East and his life goal is making any sort of dent in the troubles that afflict the region.

Nilo TabrizyA visual journalist now for Vice News, Nilo Tabrizy loves tacos and lives for international politics and pashmak, Persian cotton candy.

Have a fabulous weekend an don’t forget to check out our Staff Picks page for more great pages.