Living the Music: Lissa Monet

Some people love music but Lissa Monet lives it.

It seems the Lissa has always been surrounded by music, even as a child. She recalls growing up with her parents from Trinidad & Tobago and Granada and there always being a huge Soca and Reggae presence in her home. Then, in elementary school her parents would set an alarm for her that turned on an 80’s radio station to wake her up. In high school she went to the Cardinal Academy for the Arts and studied Music. There she was introduced to classical and choral music as well as music theory and musical composition.

But her musical education didn’t stop in the classroom, she would listen to music in the shower, while studying for exams, before going to bed and on long subway rides. And so she began comparing music styles from the classical era to current music, noting the similarities and differences.

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An Educator and his Online Identity

On Monday, Kelli Marshall mentioned in her article in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic“. In it she emphasized the importance to educators of managing their online reputations and identities and ways to do that.

Today we’re pleased to present our in depth interview with high school educator, E. Delfin. We are excited to have had the chance to speak with him about who he is and how he uses to manage his personal and professional identity online.

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A Journey Through Music with DJs

“Music is so powerful, powerful enough to re-live memories of a moment in life. I want them (my listeners) to experience those great moments while taking a journey with me.”
Diskino on music and DJing

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Since today’s post is on DJs, let’s kick it off with some music from our post header, Disco Pleasure. An Italian DJ duo consisting of Stefano Spadaro aka “Smith” and Lorenzo Lucenti aka “Renziux”, they’ve come together to create pieces influenced by funk and disco music of the 70’s and 80’s. We find it delightful (and hope you do too) so go ahead and press play. 

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