Creativity and Passion: Actors and Actresses

While writing this post it was inspiring to see the positive attitude and sunny disposition of so many actors and actresses on We loved the creative ways they used their pages to show off their personalities and their skills and many talents outside of the world of acting. Take John Bale, in our header photo. He’s not just an actor but director and writer who has won awards from the BBC for his work. We love how he uses the video on this page to show off the trailer for a mockumentary he worked on. It showcases his acting skills and is pretty funny, so be sure to check it out. 

So without further ado, here’s a small selection of our favorites.

Melanie KannokadaMelanie Kannokada never set out to be an actress, in fact, she studied engineering at Stanford, became a consultant and founded a hospital before becoming an actress

Zach PopvskyFrom the beautiful Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende, a town known for it’s arts, Zach Popovsky is also a photographer. Check out his website and flickr app to see his work.

Mariah LeeAt the age of 7, Mariah Lee began acting in theater productions and gained her skills in Stage Combat, specifically hand to hand and rapier sword play. While she still loves the theater she now also acts in TV and films.

Frank ColeOriginally from Hayward, CA, Frank Cole was on track to become a professional soccer player when he chose to focus on his acting instead. He lives and works in Hollywood.

AnnaMariaAnnaMaria was born in Canada but now splits her time between NY and CA. The first film she wrote, produced and starred in called “Check, Please!” is now in post production.

Arthur KengArthur Keng holds an MFA from University of Southern California and is, in his words, a shameless geek. He has appeared on Criminal Minds on CBS.

Julie Houttemane A French actress and model, Julie Houttemane embedded her 2014 film reel straight onto her page so you can see her spot in the latest Star Trek movie. So cool!

Mikael AyeleOf Swedish and Ethiopian descent, Mikael Ayele first appeared in film at age 11. Recently he’s written and appeared in indie films like Train to Stockholm and Sahara Drifters.

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