Education, Photography and UX: Staff Picks

Our weekly Staff Picks posts are about more than just selecting four people a week who have really awesome pages. We also hope they are a source of inspiration for you, our readers, as you’re creating your own pages. These exemplary pages demonstrate what you can do with your page to make it all your own, creative and beautiful. 

Alice Howard-Vyse, in our header photo, is no exception to this. We met her and her vibrant personality last week at UX Week in San Francisco and snapped this great photo of her and she’s used it as the foundation of her page. On top of that she’s layered a great bio, Backstory and fun facts about herself (she loves cake!) to make a really awesome page. Be sure to check it out and give her a compliment.

Jeremy BurtonA teacher and designer, Jeremy Burton likes to design digital things and has founded two education startups in the UK, where he resides.

Serena CeveniniWe love Serena Cevenini‘s fun photo of her and some of the beautiful photos you can find on her Instagram app from her job as a wedding photographer.

Jorge SegadoJorge Segado is an entrepreneur a lover of his native language, Spanish, passionate about books and literature and has a great blog which he links to from his page.

Have a fabulous weekend an don’t forget to check out our Staff Picks page for more great pages.