Empowering Women through Sports: Katie Beringer

“I love all sports and I am on a mission to empower women in any path they choose- but ESPECIALLY male-dominated sports,” says backpacker, Katie Beringer (if you recognize Katie, it’s probably because you saw her in our post on about.me backpackers!).

Katie grew up playing many traditional sports, including soccer. It wasn’t until college, however, that she got into adventure sports like climbing and backpacking. As she graduated from high school, her father died, changing her perspective on life.

“When I am skiing or climbing, I feel that my mind and body are engaged and that I am hyper-conscious of myself existing in that moment.”

It’s that feeling of being so alive that Katie wants to pass on to others and the reason why she’s on about.me, so she can find more adventure buddies and kindred spirits. However, she says she’s encountered very few women with her same passions.

“Sometimes I think women are unsure of their own abilities or maybe even intimidated by the preponderance of men involved in any particular sport. But there is no reason for anyone, given any circumstance, to miss out on life’s many offerings.”

So in her free time, Katie acts as an example and resource for any woman, man or child who would like to learn a new sport. She also coaches a young girls soccer team and has taken friends and young girls ice skating, hiking, biking, and climbing.

For Katie it’s important for young girls to see women participating in male-dominated sports, “because at their age they innately have no conception of limitations. I like to cultivate that fearlessness and unbridled enthusiasm so that when they are my age, they will have absolutely no apprehension toward jumping into a sport like ice-climbing.”

Want to know more about Katie and how she uses about.me? Read her answers below and gain insight on how she takes advantage of our platform.


What made you sign up for about.me?

I signed up for about me because the medium is a simple and straightforward platform for me to express my interest in women’s empowerment. With other mediums, they are multi-focal and water-down or even distort the message I want convey about myself. I already really appreciate that about.me enables me to use katieberinger.com. 

How are you using the platform on other digital mediums?

I use my site in the bio section of my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I also use it in my signature when I am when I am writing emails on topics relevant to my about.me page. Lastly, when I am meeting new people and forming new connections, I often direct them to my page to connect. About.me is a safe way to connect, I am able to share as much or as little information as I like, and the visitor has the opportunity to message me directly. I rely on it greatly!

Have you used about.me to connect with others on the platform?

Yes! I originally expected to use about.me to maintain a simplified online presence but found many connections through about.me. The community is very positive. I have virtually connected with lots of people who support me personally as well as my message of women’s empowerment.

Advice for people making an about.me page?

I would definitely recommend exposing your quirky personality! I think the user base of about.me is pretty engaged and it’s the unique people that stand out. Also about.me is meant to be straightforward. There is no need to list off your resume or include your every blog-esque musing. Just stick to one theme and go for it.

 Top 3 favorite about.me pages?

Justin YeashJustin Yeash – A personal friend who is a trained chemical engineer and remarkable athlete. He has some incredibly innovative ideas and has a passion for plain old find-in-a-forest mushrooms. Unique and inspiring person.

Thomas GorczynskiThomas Gorczynski – A young entrepreneur with the heart of an explorer. We connected on about.me and I am his biggest fan.

RJ HaydenRJ Hayden – Wilderness advocate. Loves wolves..who doesn’t?

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