Gold, Yogurt and the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria

When traveling to Bulgaria, the Seven Rila Lakes located in the Rila Mountains (pictured in our header*), should be at the top of your list. These glacial lakes are connected by streams, each with a special name like the Tear, the Eye or the Twins. With such amazing beauty, it’s no wonder this place is said to have a special energy (or that it comes so highly recommended by our friend, Angel Milev).

But aside from amazing places to see, Bulgaria is a fascinating place. Here are a few of our favorite facts about it:

  • The country has both Slavic and Turkic origins resulting in a unique mixture of cultural traditions, beliefs and language.
  • Bulgaria’s history is one of the oldest in Europe. It stretches back to the 7th century when the country was established.
  • The oldest gold treasure in the world, dating from 4600-4200 BC, was discovered in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgarians eat a lot of yogurt and the country is the historical namesake for the yeast agent Lactobacillus Bulgaricus used to make yogurt.

Now, here are the pages of some of our favorite Bulgarians:

Petar SvarcWhen Petar Svarc isn’t working as a mobile app developer he loves to spend time with his amazing wife and daughter.

Vassilena ValchanovaVassilena Valchanova likes to talk about her five year relationship with her blog and has a passion for towels and roast chicken.

Grisha StrundzhevA motion graphics designer, Grisha Strundzhev loves 2D and 3D animation and everything related to tattoos.

Alexandra-Emily KokovaAlexandra-Emily Kokova is an Instagram addict, a Batman Fan girl, and a writer.

Boris HristovBoris Hristov runs a Google hangout for the SQL Server Community. Check out his YouTube app to see the videos and get some tips!

Rossitsa TsanovaA photography enthusiast, Rossitsa Tsanova captured some amazing photos of a traditional festival in Etropole. Check out them out on her Flickr app.

Nikolay AngelovWe found Nikolay Angelov‘s headline both relatable and attention grabbing. It reads simply, “I love chocolate”. Now that deserves a compliment.

Sabina Panayotova Sabina Panayotova is an advocate for animal adoption, a TEDxSter and a blogger.

Krassimir DobrevWe love the beauty and simplicity of Krassimir Dobrev‘s page. Have a look!

Thanks for coming along for our world-traveling adventure! Stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

*Header image, “Pogled kum ezerata ot biloto.” Licensed under Creative Commons

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  1. Latchezar P.Tomov

    Just a small correction if you let me – the country has Bulgarian and slavic origin, not turkic. Bulgarian people are closely related to Iranian people, not turkic tribes. They were not nomads, they built dosens of fortresses, cities like Pliska and Preslav /Pliska is larger than Rome and Constantinopol/, they had agriculture with heavy plow.

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