University of Chicago Students: A bevy of social entrepreneurs and idea makers

Is that Hogwarts? No, it’s the University of Chicago: this week’s location for our Students of the Week post.

Their mascot is the Phoenix, and you’ll find these impressive overachievers spending a lot of time studying amidst Gothic-style architecture and discussing Hegel at Harper Library. In their free time, they’re eating at the Med or hanging out at the Point.

Klevin LoKlevin Lo, is still a Lakers fan but he loves exploring the city he now calls home, Chicago.

Kristen GindlerYou’ll find Kristen Gindler working at the intersection of public policy and research. Social media management and non-profit development are Kristen’s forte!

Dennis ZhaoDennis Zhao is an idea machine who likes to geek out on value investing, hip-hop dance, and design.

sunena-540x360And finally, meet our TEC intern for this summer, Sunena, who is a social entrepreneur, motorcyclist, and jewelry maker.

5 interesting things that students do in or around the University of Chicago:

  1. Get (to) the Point?! It’s a man-made peninsula.
  2. Bike up LSD…no it’s not a drug. But an awesome street bordering Lake Michigan.
  3. Food at Pilsen! The only place for authentic Mexican food…yummy.
  4. Shopping at Watertower
  5. Go to Jazz Clubs!