Happenings at about.me: BuildUP and Silicon Students

This week, our very own Tony Conrad, will be speaking at two events for entrepreneurs in San Francisco:

Check out a couple of the organizers behind these events and give them a round of applause for spreading the entrepreneurial spirit and wisdom!

Christian Danielle Anderson

Christian Danielle Anderson is a former investment banker. This incredible woman thrived in high-pressure environments and quickly rose through the ranks. Yet, something inside of her told her there’s more out there. Motivated by her now co-founder, Wayne Sutton, she embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that would change her life forever. Read more about BuildUP VC.

Edouard Foussier

Edouard Foussier is a gatherer of entrepreneurial individuals. Together with fellow French entrepreneur, Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa, Edouard runs Silicon Students, “the academy of entrepreneurship for young talents from all over the world.”

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