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Traveling with Panama

Panama, the southernmost country of Central America, connects the continents of North and South America and is the location of our latest trip around the world. With a population of just over 3.5 million people, the country is home to a number of members of the community.

Located in our header photo we have art lover and fashion stylist of Canadian and Panamanian descent, Anne Marie. Below, we have Harold Maduro, founder of the coworking space, CascoStation, in Panama City. Be sure to check out all their pages!

Harold Maduro Stephanie M. Sanz Jorge Yau Miriam Benitez Italo Estrada Petrocelli Elena Hernández Luis Escobar Flor Nuñez de Ciampoli

Thanks again for coming along for our world-traveling adventure, stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, tell us about it in our comment section.

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