Amine Sai

Students of the Week

Our students of the week are a diverse group from around the world. In our header we have Amine Sai who studies software engineering in Algeria. Just below we also have graphic design, painting and illustration student of Ukraine, Mariia Levchenko.

Be sure to check out all their pages and, as we mentioned on Tuesday, don’t forget to add your school or university to your page.  It could make it easier for recruiters to find you or even just other students and alumni who are looking to make connections at their schools.

Mariia Levchenko Wiktor Warchalowski

P.S. Don’t forget how important it is to give a great first impression through email, add your profile to your email signature so employers can link to your resume and learn more about you. Find out how to add your page to your email signature in our FAQs, and if you have Gmail, check out our new signatures.