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Featured Friday #FFaboutme

Happy Friday! Do you have your link in your twitter bio? What about on your Instagram or Pinterest? Using your link on your social profiles helps people learn about you, not just browse about your tweets, photos, or pins.


More Than Your Tweets.

The pages featured in this post are all included in the individual’s Twitter bio. With great images & informative bios these pages help new twitter followers learn more about the person. We’re all more than our tweets, your page can fill in the personality missing from your social profiles.

Take a look are the featured pages, click on each image to see their full page, and remember to leave a compliment when you do! Michael ArnoldEmily HellerKazumichi Mario Sakata

If your link is in the appropriate section of you twitter bio, tweet the hashtag #FFaboutme for a chance to be selected next week. A clear, high resolution image helps too.

Good luck, and feel free to share you page in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you aboutme team for the #FFaboutme initiative!
    You let us know interesting people while inspiring us to create and grow.

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