Invite Your Friends

Now you can easily invite friends to join When a friend signs up, we’ll feature your page for everyone to see.

Invite Your Friends!

If you’ve been paying close attention to the site, you may have noticed the recent appearance of our invite page. After some extra testing, we’re excited to launch a clean and simple way to invite your friends.

It’s fun to see how people you know present themselves on You might even discover shared passions (you love needlepoint too!?!)  or even connect in a new way or on a new service.

Invite and Get FeaturedYou’ll get featured; more exposure can help grow followers,  promote your work, or help you connect with professional and creative collaborators.

But more importantly you’ll show your friends an easy way to express their unique personality identity on the web.


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  1. aboutme helps me to put myself to the whole world. Its a really huge concept, people from all the world can see my profile and it will help me to get recruit myself to a good certain platform.

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