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Staff Picks

Today I’m happy to introduce 4 of our Staff Picks, pages handpicked by our team. These pages are great examples of how to display personality in a professional way, creativity passion mixed with academic or work oriented goals.

Jordan HolsingerEnvironmental Scientist Jordan Holsinger has a fantastic page. He shares:

My adventures have led me all over the world and often involve science and education. I am an avid outdoorsman spending my free time hiking, camping, climbing, snowboarding and especially cycling.

Take a look at the other inspiring pages below. Like Jordan, these pages provide insight into the creator’s passions and profession.

Emanuele Francioni: “Nerd jazz entrepreneur and location aware CEO”Emanuele Francioni


Haley Pratt, Minnesota native and avid journalist in the wide world of sports. haley_pratt

Author James Davidson II. “I write books, crime thrillers, seasoned with serial killers, sci fi, and a splash of the paranormal.”James Davidson II

Have a fantastic week! For more awesome pages, take a look at Staff Picks.

Staff Picks