Italo Brown

Medical Students

This week we are taking a day to focus on a particularly inspiring group of students: those pursuing a degree in medicine.

An undoubtable difficult path, medical students like Italo Brown (above) are on the way to becoming physicians and medical professionals. Before they can spend long hours on the job, they will have spent years working hard in the classroom and in residency to develop the necessary skills to help others.

These medical students come from various backgrounds and parts of the world, but are united in the pursuit of improving other people’s lives.

Lingsa JiaArtyom DyakivAstrid G. HapAlberto Abreu da Silva

If you know any students, follow this link to help them to claim their own page: Invite. A page can help students discover other people with the same interests, and by providing a professional foundation when looking for an internship or job.