Featured Friday #FFaboutme

Today we again show off some interesting pages as part of the #FFaboutme series. The creators of the pages below added their about.me link into their twitter bio and each tweeted the hashtag #FFaboutme during the last week.

Note the magical header image for this post is from artist and photographer Susan Schroder. Click any of the pages in this post to learn about passionate people from around the world.

andygordonalexandralaneMichael EgbuleKnow someone with an interesting job or project ? Tweet us – we love to feature inventive ways to use your about.me page!leonelrojasDarren ParryJanis WellerDon’t see your page here? Give it another try next week. We review them all, but we can’t always fit every great page in the blog post!

Make sure your about.me link is in the appropriate section of you twitter bio, and tweet the hashtag #FFaboutme for a chance to be selected.