Best of Belgium

We’re back again on the World Tour with our focus on Belgium. A nation of 11 million, Belgium has a rich history and wide linguistic diversity.

Many fans around the world are excited to watch Belgium compete in the 2014 World Cup, with the nation fielding the strongest team in decades. Perhaps Belgium will add to its history in the summer!

There are countless members of the community living, working and studying in Belgium. Here are a few eye-catching pages from people based in the Kingdom:

c.andre tessa_vilyn joaquinvanschoren ivopopov GeertDeConinck NadineDelrez tatiana_crabbe lyntjeThanks for coming along for our world-traveling adventure on the blog. For even more Belgians, click here.

The amazing photo in the header of this post is from Brussels-based photographer Xavier Portela. Links to his work and Instagram can be found on his page.

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