Place and Timelessness

Most of us pass in and out of buildings without a thought for how that structure was conceived, designed, or created. Where you might see a wall with a door, the architect sees a series of choices, tradeoffs, and the beauty of thoughtful design.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”     Frank Gehry

gil.ribeiroIt is no surprise to find countless architects on, both students and professional architects present their accomplishments and passions on their pages. Like Gil Ribeiro (right), a balance of professional or academic history infused with personality is the perfect way for new (and existing!) contacts to learn more about you.

Take a look at the fantastic pages below, and be sure to send a compliment if you like the page or are impressed by the individual’s work.

elfie C. Nitin Barchha Lucas Gray Anaïs Vieira Teodora Todorova Edward TJ Acena Dan Hogman Edlyn García La Torre

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