Place and Timelessness

Most of us pass in and out of buildings without a thought for how that structure was conceived, designed, or created. Where you might see a wall with a door, the architect sees a series of choices, tradeoffs, and the beauty of thoughtful design.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” ¬† ¬† Frank Gehry

gil.ribeiroIt is no surprise to find countless architects on about.me, both students and professional architects present their accomplishments and passions on their pages. Like Gil Ribeiro (right), a balance of professional or academic history infused with personality is the perfect way for new (and existing!) contacts to learn more about you.

Take a look at the fantastic pages below, and be sure to send a compliment if you like the page or are impressed by the individual’s work.

elfie C. Nitin Barchha Lucas Gray Ana√Įs Vieira Teodora Todorova Edward TJ Acena Dan Hogman Edlyn Garc√≠a La Torre

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