Featured Friday #FFaboutme

Today we again show off some amazing pages as part of the #FFaboutme series. The owners of the pages below added their about.me link into their twitter bio. Over the course of the past week, they each tweeted the hashtag #FFaboutme to have a chance to be featured.

This group includes Jason Nutter (above), trumpet player for the Seattle Sounders FC. While that may not be his day job, Jason’s page is a great example of using your page to convey personality and passion. This is a particularly interesting group, see if you can pick out the students from the professor and the actors from the PR pros.


about.me:damien.arthur about.me:magnumphoenix about.me:davesmart about.me:KtotheO about.me:shannongodly about.me:johnbarrios about.me:jonnaleanne about.me:michaelholste about.me:claire.a.cerda: about.me/colincroughan

Don’t see your page here? Give it another try next week. We review them all, but we can’t always fit every great page in the blog post!

Make sure your about.me link is in the appropriate section of you twitter bio, and tweet the hashtag #FFaboutme for a chance to be selected.

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