This week on Featured Friday #FFaboutme

Our weekly #FFaboutme contest attracts all types of pages, but few more amazing than Mark Merton’s page (featured above). As an areal photographer, Mark makes amazing images of skylines and landscapes. His page is fantastic because of the photo, but also because Mark included a bit more info (like his location) as well as other ways to see his work. Click to his page here and take a look through Mark’s stunningly beautiful Flickr photos.

Like Mark, the people below added to their twitter bio and then tweeted #FFaboutme sometime over the last week. On Aziz Ibrahim’s page you can hear him play an outstanding rendition of the song “I Fought the Law”. Read about how Chris Rossiter works to make real change for people with disabilities, and also notice the careful use of yellow text on his page. This diverse groups also includes students, founders, and journalists — a wide array of backgrounds and professions.

Take a look! Leave any questions of feedback in the comments section below.

If you don’t see your page here and wish you had, please participate in #FFaboutme this coming week. We are always looking for more great pages to share with the community.

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    JI’m thrilled to have been picked by the team for a mention in their blog. I’d encourage anyone to join and have your very own page. It’s a really great way to introduce people to what you do and your online presence.


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