America’s Cup, Sailing On The Site

This past weekend the America’s Cup sailing competition began on the San Francisco Bay. While the the weather was perfectly clear, the rumbles of controversy accompanied the opening ceremony. The event will last more than 2 months as teams from around the globe compete for the one of the world’s oldest international trophies.

While not all of us can race in the world’s premier sailing competition, people like Philipp Berner (above) appreciate the sport and the sea in other ways. Check out how the people below show off their love of sailing!

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.51.59 PMSailing is just one of the many passions seen on the pages of From non-profit organizations to carpentry, people love to share what they care about most. We’d love to hear what you are passionate about! Put any suggestions for future blog posts in the comments below.

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  1. America’s Cup is appreciated and famous all over the world even in small but sea oriented countries like Croatia…

  2. Jacob

    Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the content, the America’s Cup really is a global event!

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