Share, Connect, and Say Thanks!

Not everyone gets to watch the @aboutdotme Twitter stream for work.  There are amazing connections happening everyday across every social platform,  I want to share a few from Twitter here on the blog.

Get Out There.

As a social media manager and consultant, Lauren knows the value of being visible on the web. No pressure, but I think she wants to hear from you!

Connect and Compliment.

Here is a classic example of the kind of interaction I get to witness all the time. It started with an on-site compliment and sharing that compliment to Twitter.

Everyone likes a compliment! There are few surprises as pleasant as having someone add extra positivity to your day.

I love seeing this type of positive connection- a web developer in the Ukraine complimenting a musician in the U.K., it’s like a transcontinental nod of approval.

People like Rupert and Michelle put the effort in to make their page reflect who they are, showing a bit of appreciation can go a long way.

Show Some Love.

Here is CEO Tony Conrad giving Laura from his hometown a shout-out.

Pass it on.

We interact online for a reason, whether it is to connect, learn, or grow a business. Whatever else you may be doing on the web, remember to take a moment to share a compliment or two. You might make someone’s day!