Graduation Season

It’s the time of year when students finish class, commencement speakers share words of advice, and graduates proudly collect diplomas.

It’s also a great time to update the contact information on your page, starting with educational info. Recent grads should make sure their educational details are up to date. The rest of us can take this opportunity to revisit the bio details.

Tony Conrad Bio

Including educational information is a great way to connect with current or former schoolmates. Add your high school, college, or university information and see who else on represents your alma mater. You may be surprised by who you’ll find!

Tony has Indiana University on his page. With one click, anyone looking at his page can see others on from Indiana University. Also, people looking Indiana University student or alum pages are more likely to find Tony.

While editing your page, update your educational info in the Biography tab. To have even more people see your page, add your most recent professional experience and your current location. Including more info will allow your page to be visible when someone is looking for people in your city, town, or line of work.

When your bio and contact info are updated, remember to claim your free business cards!


image by sakeeb