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Gamers Galore: Xbox Edition

This week saw the unveiling of the new Xbox video game console, the “Xbox One”. New technology is always exciting, especially when it means new ways to play and connect with friends.

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Many people use to convey their identity by including professional accomplishments, schools attended, clubs, or a new business. The popularity of gaming continues to rise with release of fantastic games and even professional gaming. Unsurprisingly, people are including gaming profile info on their pages more frequently.

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The Xbox community spans the globe and the web, including a large contingent on I’ve selected some gamers who included their Xbox gamertag on their page to be featured in this post.tyler garner Kamal Sabir on  Zachary Curry on Hazza Alkaabi on

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Munira Al-Suayegh on about.meDid I miss any great gamer pages? Let me know in the comments!

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