How One Founder’s Changing How We Think About Food

Although Naz Riahi doesn’t consider herself a “foodie,” she’s making waves in the food industry.

Together with her business partner, Emily Schildt (also interviewed on our blog), she co-founded Bitten, a food conference that focuses on food in the context of technology, pop culture and the environment.

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One Food Entrepreneur Who’s Not Turning Back

Emily Schildt’s got everyone talking about food.

And it’s a pretty powerful conversation. Emily’s interested in food as it relates to personal identity– specifically how the food choices we make are reflections of who we are.

As Emily explains in our interview, the food space is changing–it’s being disrupted–and the future of food is going to depend on the quality of our conversations about it. Enter Bitten. Emily co-founded Bitten with her close friend Naz Riahi to bring together thought-leaders and innovators in the food space and discuss food as it relates to politics, art, culture and the environment.

Read on to learn how Emily’s perspective on eating shifted from vanity-driven to pleasure-seeking, why she encourages other founders to find a great partner and how she embraces awkward moments that push her out of her comfort zone and allow her to truly excel.

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Passport to Spain

¡Bienvenidos a España!

Join us as we take a trip to Spain through the pages of Javier Martín, Patricia Fernández de Lis, Javi Esteban and Clara Soler.

Spain ranks the 7th most popular country in our community and Spanish people on our site keep growing! Interested in what life is like as a journalist, professor, event organizer or social media strategist in Spain? Look no further. Let these community members’ stories inspire you.

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Passport to the United Kingdom

This week, we’re off to the UK, the second most popular location in our community followed by the United States.

Meet four community members who are skilled creatives, data scientists, tea drinkers and food critics. Valeria, Azeem, Maisie and Nick have turned personal passions into thriving careers.

Valeria Aliperta (whose photo heads off this post) is an interpreter and translator of English, Italian, Spanish and French. Outside of translating, Valeria also is a branding expert and her interests include social media, fashion, and communication. Valeria links her SoundCloud to her page to connect people to her music.

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Tech Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs: Staff Picks

Every week, our team selects Staff Picks that inspire and intrigue us. This week we’re highlighting tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who use technology as a driving force to change the world for the better. We hope you enjoy their stories and check out their pages.

Delia Suteja (whose photo heads off this post) lives in Sydney Australia and is a Principal, Brand Builder and Product Chief at Bubblefish. Delia is passionate about entrepreneurship and technology.

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Passport To Brazil

Bem-vindo ao Brasil.

This week, we’re off to Brazil, the 3rd most popular country in our community. The largest country in South America, Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies on earth and is home to the most diverse wildlife.

Brazil has a rich culture, rooted in deep history and representative of a mixture of influences from the Portuguese to native Brazilian tribes like the Assurini and Tapirajé.  Brazil is one of the leading tourist destinations on earth due to its expansive beaches, tropical climate and warm people.

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Elaine Wong with Favorite painting on

The Artistic Journey of Elaine Wong

Born in Alor Setar, a small town in northern Malaysia, Elaine Wong grew up with a passion for technology and drawing. “If you were to ask my primary school friends, they would all tell you that my schoolbooks were always full of doodles and sketches.”

Her artworks were featured on classroom bulletin boards and she was once asked to design the school mural. But it was her childhood ambition to work with computers that led to her finding a job in the IT industry and soon she found herself in hospitality systems, going to hotels or hotel headquarters to assess and implement computer systems as well as provide training and support for them.

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An American in Paris: Courtney Pulitzer

It’s never easy moving to another country, especially if you don’t know the language or the culture before you get there. But seven years ago, that’s just what Courtney Pulitzer did.

Though she’d taken French in high school and a couple years of it in college, being able to speak to people in a real life situation was a struggle and the feeling of being unable to communicate was overwhelming and alienating. It was hard not to be homesick for New York City and all her friends there.

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Remember That? Throwback Thursday for #tbt

The entire team here at is very excited for what is coming in the coming weeks. In case you missed it, co-founder Tony Conrad wrote up his thoughts on the future in a post titled “Next”. Here is my favorite passage:

“You are not the sum of your Tweets, you are not solely defined by your professional experiences/ accomplishments, and you’re most definitely not defined by your social graph. These are all important facets of our identity but none should be given the lead role of defining us.”

SG333We have spent hours looking forward into the future, designing improvements and new features. At a time like this, with palpable sense of anticipation regarding what comes next, it’s healthy to take a look backwards too. Throwback thursday is a perfect excuse to contemplate how much we’ve accomplished. 

For the uninitiated: throwback thursday is a weekly social media trend also represented as #tbt. Particularly popular on Instagram, people add the #tbt hashtag is to images from years past and post them on a Thursday.

Here on the blog, #tbt is best used to look back at how we were first seen in the media. In this article from TechCrunch, Michael Arrington explains his perception of (from almost exactly three years ago!). Since then, the social web has changed and has evolved, but our core mission has always been the same. Arrington wrote:

“The company is still in stealth, but they’ve given out a few beta accounts to friends and advisors, they say. Part of the product is a personal profile page that points people to your content around the Internet, allowing you to pull all this information together to build a single online identity.”

Emphasis added to point out the consistency of’s vision. was, is, and will continue to be the place on the web to simplify your online identity. In the future, we will add more services and continue to refine and redefine the best method to present yourself online. But the guiding vision behind and the movement that created it will remain constant: control the starting point of your online identity. team

The awesome thing is that when other people can present their identity clearly online, it simplifies how you discover and connect with the right people. The people who share your interests, profession, lifestyle, or hometown. As the social web matures, we have to be deliberate about presenting ourselves clearly in order to cut through spam and noise found everywhere else on the web. Taking ownership of your online identity is the place to start.

The team at has been working extremely hard, and we’re getting ready to announce what we’ve been working on.

We know you’ll like it, and can’t wait to share!

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