Passport To Brazil

Bem-vindo ao Brasil.

This week, we’re off to Brazil, the 3rd most popular country in our community. The largest country in South America, Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies on earth and is home to the most diverse wildlife.

Brazil has a rich culture, rooted in deep history and representative of a mixture of influences from the Portuguese to native Brazilian tribes like the Assurini and Tapirajé.  Brazil is one of the leading tourist destinations on earth due to its expansive beaches, tropical climate and warm people.

Heading off our post is Janaina de Aquino a graduate in Translation Studies who’s taking a year off to volunteer abroad. Besides Brazilian Portuguese, Janaina also speaks English, German, French and Italian.


Marco Gomes is the founder of boo-box, a social media advertising company and co-founder of Mova Mais. Mova Mais incentivizes physical activity by having each exercise generate points that can be transferred to major benefit programs in Brazil.


Bruna Bittencourt was named one of the ten female tech innovators to know in Brazil. She’s the founder and CEO of a site that helps you plan your wedding from gift inventory to location details and VIP support.


Michel Lent is a digital industry pioneer. After studying Industrial Design and Interactive Communications at New York University, Michel started his own interactive shop, 10’Minutos, that was acquired by Oglivy Brazil.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.



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