Passport to the United Kingdom

This week, we’re off to the UK, the second most popular location in our community followed by the United States.

Meet four community members who are skilled creatives, data scientists, tea drinkers and food critics. Valeria, Azeem, Maisie and Nick have turned personal passions into thriving careers.

Valeria Aliperta (whose photo heads off this post) is an interpreter and translator of English, Italian, Spanish and French. Outside of translating, Valeria also is a branding expert and her interests include social media, fashion, and communication. Valeria links her SoundCloud to her page to connect people to her music.


Meet Azeem Azhar. Azeem is a dad and data guy whose current passions include literature and neuroscience. Azeem lives in London, went to Oxford University, and founded PeerIndex, a social media analytics platform. Azeem’s page links to his LinkedIn influencer posts and to his newsletter.


Maisie McCabe also lives in London and works as a business journalist and reporter. Maisie expertise includes technology, the marketing industry, advertising and TV and she also is a presenter at events. Outside of work, Maisie is a tea drinker and curry lover. 

Nick Harman is a food and travel writer, copywriter, editor at, and restaurant reviewer. Nick was awarded second-place at the Guild of Food Writers Restaurant Reviewer of the Year list (he feels he was robbed first place :)). Nick embeds his blog onto his page to keep readers up to date on the world of food; including exotic eats, restaurant reviews and cooking tips.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.


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  1. Good to see the world connecting through the eyes of others sharing their views and passions

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