10 Steps to Creating Your Best about.me Page

Are you working on a passion project in addition to your 9-to-5? What about building your own business? We understand how busy life can be when you’re trying to create something. That’s why many people, from all around the world, have chosen about.me to create a quick and simple, yet professional presentation of themselves.

Now, it’s your turn.

Follow these 10 easy steps to make your about.me page work for you so you can get back to working on what you care about.

1⃣️ Add a Bio

Introduce yourself and manage your first impression. Tell your story here, and add additional links if you wish.

Got writer’s block? We’ve got you covered!

Our Bio Writer feature helps you craft a bio, based on two pre-written options sourced from the information you’ve provided on your page. It’s a great place to get started and add more information about you as you see fit.

Want a more thorough guide? Take this free Skillshare class where Hannah Morgan teaches you how to create a solid personal brand, step-by-step.


*Pro tip: Click ‘Casual’ or ‘Professional’ to test them out, but be sure to only click ‘Save’ after you’re happy with what you see. Once an edit is saved, previous edits can’t be recovered.



A picture is worth a thousand words. This is your chance to visually show off your personality. Make sure you highlight the important part of your image so that your beautiful face is front and center for wherever your about.me photo is displayed – like when you share it to Facebook or add it as your email signature.



*Pro tip: if your photo is pixelated or blurry, it is likely that your photo’s width doesn’t meet our minimum requirements and is being stretched to fit the layout you have chosen. Make sure your photo meets the dimensions by checking out our optimal photo dimensions.

3⃣️ Update Spotlight

What do you care about most right now? What would you like your visitors to do once they visit your page? Update your Spotlight to always link to what your focus is at the moment.


If you’re a photographer, maybe it’s sending people to “View my photos.” Looking to get hired as a freelancer? Send potential clients to “Hire me.” If consulting is your side-gig, try “Book a consultation.” Scroll through the options to update this part of your page.



*Pro tip: We’ve tailored the spotlights to narrow focus on your goals, and it cannot be removed from your page. If you’d like to add the ability for people to contact you directly via email, please try enabling our “Contact Me” feature.

4⃣️ Add Social Links

Make it easy for people to follow you on all of your favorite social networks. Think of about.me as a hub that links out to all of the other places you can be found online.



5⃣️ Get a Domain

Make your centralized online presence professional with a custom domain for your page (like yourname.com). This will remove all traces of about.me branding from your page so that the focus is all on you and what you want to share with your visitors. See if your name is available and choose a domain for your page.



6⃣️ Promote your page

Want more eyes on your page? Now that you’ve created a page you can be proud of, share it in every email you send with a personalized email signature. Then, add it to your Twitter bio and share it on social media to get more visitors to your page.



*Pro tip: Users who share to their social networks get 2x more page visits within two weeks after they share their page!

7⃣️ Add Interests

Show people what topics you care about and connect with others who share your interests. These work like hashtags and collect all of the people who share the same interests onto one Discover page, such as #technology.


8⃣️ Change the look of your page

You can quickly customize and change your page design with just a couple clicks. Switch up the size of your photo or change the color of your background and Spotlight button to match your personal brand.



*Pro tip: If the 6 standard color options are not exactly what you’re looking for, click the rainbow color swatch on the far right. You can use the slider to choose a more custom color or enter an html color code if you have a favorite.

9⃣️ Update Basic Info

The top part of your page includes your basic information to let people know who you are, what you do, and where you’re currently based. Update your name, change your occupation, or change your location.


The bottom part of your page includes your academic and professional background. Add your company and your education to add context to what you do.


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We’re always looking for interesting people in our community to share with our followers. After you’ve gone through steps 1-9 and you’ve made a page that you’re ready for the world to see, tweet at us for a chance to be retweeted to our followers!


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  1. Thank for tips , I just started to use about me and your article was very helpful for me.My Stop Snoring Immediately page was properly made just by following the tips here. Thank you Melissa

  2. Hey Melissa,

    I love the game.. I have been an Entrepreneur for a long time, I do have to say that there has never been a better time to #DO-LIFE. The world is a wonderful place to share #Dreams #Inspirations and #Defeat As my HERO #GaryVEE sasy #BattleSCARSareCOOL and they demand respect.

    I love the fact you are a #REMOTOR.

    About.me is the #NewSelfAwareness Platform

    Do not be AFRAID GrassHopper!

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