Talking Tacos + Hip-Hop with Broad City’s Music Supervisor

Two things we can’t get enough of from Comedy Central’s Broad City: ‘YASS QUEEN’ and the tunes. For the tunes, we can thank Matt FX Feldman.

Currently based in New York City, Matt spends his days working as the music supervisor on shows like Broad City and Skins, and his nights and weekends DJing on rooftops or whipping up delicious eats around the city that never sleeps.

We sat down with Matt to learn how he balances so many awesome gigs, his thoughts on the next trends in music, and how we can recreate his famous tacos. Don’t forget to listen to his awesome music with a click on his Spotlight.


You’re definitely a jack of all trades — tell us about all the different work you do and are passionate about.
Woof! I think professionally I’m mainly known as a music supervisor, DJ, and record producer. Beyond that, I love to cook, I love fashion, and I love producing events!

Photo by Ida Chelengar

Photo by Ida Chelengar

What’s one thing people might not know about you but is a big part of your personality?
I’m relatively superstitious in my own silly way – I flip a lot of coins, take a lot of arbitrary things as signs, and generally try to follow my instincts

Tell us about your path into the music world, both as as DJ/producer and music supervisor.
My path began early in life, as a professional boy soprano in a boarding school from St. Thomas Choir School. From there I went to LaGuardia High School where I immersed myself in all different types of modern music before I wound up falling into a job as the music supervisor of the US adaptation of SKINS, whilst sort of floundering about as a college dropout. After Skins I started DJing and throwing events, and right when I realized I needed a change (after a couple years of endless local DJ gigs) I got the call about Broad City.

How do you balance all of your different jobs and passions? Any tips?
Work with people who are understanding, that you feel like you can trust. Never leave off something you can quickly knock off, and get used to sleeping less and less!

Photo by Daniel Leinweber, Razberry Photography

Photo by Daniel Leinweber, Razberry Photography

3 tips for someone trying to make it into the music industry as a music supervisor or producer?
1. Accept all side quests
2. Learn something from everybody
3. Always act with respect and trust your instincts

How did you start working as a music supervisor and with the girls of Broad City?
Both of my ‘big break’ opportunities (Skins and Broad City) came somewhat serendipitously from ‘blast from the past’ type friends. Looking back on them I think it was the world sort of ‘meeting me halfway.’

What do you look for when selecting music for the show?
I look for music that works for the scenes that is clearable within our budgets!

Photo by Jerm Cohen

Photo by Jerm Cohen

What do you think is the next big thing in music?
I think the next big thing will be a resurgence of guitar music and a further splintering of hip-hop. I don’t think dance music is going anywhere but big room EDM certainly is…

What’s next for Matt FX? Anything cool on the horizon?
YES! You’ll just have to keep an eye out to find out 😉

We know you love to cook — what’s your go to dish?
My go to dish are tacos, specifically my own ‘tacos de fx’, which is steak w/ a chorizo-apple compote on a bed of alfalfa sprouts over a toasted soft corn tortilla!

*Header image by Jerm Cohen.

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