From Video Games to Designing Fashion Apps: One Engineer’s Story

For Amber Reyngoudt, coding is an art form.

Growing up with her grandmother, Amber loved video games and chose to study computer science. Since then, she’s fallen in love with coding and has worked with companies like Intel and Hitachi. Now, as an entrepreneur, Amber pairs her love of fashion with her engineering skill set.

Check out Amber’s page to download her app and read up on our interview with her to learn more about her journey in the world of tech.

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Describe yourself in 10 words.

Passionate, friendly, fashion-conscience software engineer turned entrepreneur.

What inspired you to get into software engineering?

My Grandmother raised me and encouraged me to study Computer Science. She is an entrepreneur and her modest income supported our family.  She viewed computer skills as something that would provide me with an independent future. I loved playing video games and was pretty good in math and science.  It turned out to be a good fit!

What do you love most about creating apps?

Coding is a creative art form.  Bringing a simple idea from imagination to code is a singular experience.  It is very gratifying to get feedback from users that truly enjoy what I’ve built.  That’s why I love what I do.


Tell us a little bit about your app, Hit or Miss?

I was frustrated with online shopping.  I enjoy shopping brands at small boutiques but never had time to make the trip to the actual store.  I wanted to make something to showcase the brands I shop, and also be a fun, convenient experience for finding something unique.

Hit or Miss is a curated daily edit of the best fashion trends and brands, handpicked by style bloggers & experts. Hit or Miss users browse collections, then tag which looks are a “hit” and which are a “miss.” The more a user expresses her unique style, the more tailored her profile becomes. All items are easily shoppable within the app.   Our goal is to give time-starved women shoppers the thrill of finding obsession worthy fashion in seconds.

What are your goals as the founder of Skull Ninja Labs?

I conceived of Skull Ninja as an agency where we help creative entrepreneurs without an engineering background develop elegant consumer-focused mobile apps.  Ultimately, I want the majority of our portfolio applications to be developed internally, with an emphasis on fashion and retail.


What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever built?

My current product, Hit or Miss.  I love fashion and am a bit shopping obsessed.  So it’s been really fun to work on this.  I’m learning lots as I go about brands, retailers, and bloggers.

What’s the greatest obstacle in your career that you’ve overcome and how did you do so?

I started out as a woman coder around the end of the dot-com bubble.  I didn’t fit the stereotype of the typical engineer, and I felt the pressure daily to prove myself during my early days at Intel and Hitachi.  Over time I’ve worked hard to build a varied career and strong portfolio to turn what was once a disadvantage into an asset. [Tweet this!]

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