The Community College Advantage

If you attend a community college, you’re probably one of the smartest people I’ll ever meet.

Plain and simple, community colleges are awesome because they provide easy access to a better life. It can be as much or as little as you make it. Unfortunately, most community college students don’t maximize this potential.

As a first-generation college graduate, I know how important it is to use an education for a better life. The entire cycle of poverty for a family can be broken forever with easy access to education, some hard work, and a willingness to set yourself apart from the rest. It all begins with simple decisions, which seem so small now, but ultimately will change everything about you for the better.

Read on for my five tips for students to give them an edge in creating the life they’ve always wanted, no matter where they choose to attend school.



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Our featured image is student Hannah Hughes, a student at Grand Rapids Community College.

Kevin Smith is the Director of the Institute for Leadership Advancement in the College of Business at The University of Akron and a keynote speaker to large corporations, MBA programs and universities across the United States. Kevin is a first-generation college graduate and holds degrees from The Ohio State University and Ohio University.