campus Rewind 7.1.15

Here are a few of our must-reads from’s campus.

Raghav Haran did something rare. He landed the internship of his dreams in New York City without even submitting a resume. Hear this University of Michigan student’s story and how he separated himself from the competition. Read more →

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Are you the the next Mark Zuckerberg? Or, maybe you’re curious about what it could mean to dip your toes into the world of entrepreneurship. Here are four ways you can start to think like an entrepreneur while in college. Read more →


There’s no surprise here: it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. Read up and learn the best way to network, as told by college students themselves. Read more →

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  1. Derryck S Griffith

    It Is Not What You Know, But Who Likes You!

    Most people get employed because the interviewer liked them.

    Let’s Face it, if you can impress someone, make them laugh, or feel good about themselves, more often than not, you will be liked by them

    The same applies to potential employers.

    If you come across as a likeable person, that gives you an edge over qualifications, job experience, and gender preference.

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