Campus Rewind 6.24.15

Here are a few of our must-reads from’s campus.

We sat down with Ryan Kahn of The Hired Group to learn about what it really takes to secure a job today. Turns out your first impression is key and your network is your net worth, so you better work it.Read more →

Ryan Kahn

Throughout his life, there have been times that Zach Schwartz has felt like an outsider. Like he didn’t fit in. As an earth science major at Columbia, Zach found comfort in self-expression in hip hop and as a writer. Watch Zach’s story. Read more →

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You may have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, but your Twitter profile is missing one thing that you need to stand out in the crowd. Up your personal brand game and get discovered along the way with this hack. Read more →

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