Artists, Writers and Anthropologists: Staff Picks

This week’s Staff Picks come to us from around the world. 

Highly creative, these Staff Picks include a brand designer, a writer of a political blog, and a published author specializing on how our own personality can hold us back.

Graphic designer Nidhi Doshi who heads off our post is based in Ahmedabad, India. Nidhi enjoys experimenting with film, photography and animation.


Jason Donnelly is a writer and blogger based in New York. Jason’s interests include social media, juggling and tattoos.


Sarah Heyward earned a Masters in Fine Arts from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and currently writes for the HBO series Girls. A child at heart, Sarah admits to loving stickers and summer camp.


Ciberanthropologist Javier Irenarco lives in Colombia. Javier enjoys traveling and writes a blog on internet public policy.

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  1. Thanks for an interesting feature of people with an exciting variety of careers and projects, helps keep the faith for our future

  2. Your chose of interesting and exciting people continues to excite me and let me know there is hope for our world.

  3. Shawanna

    Thank you for choosing people that have exciting artists minds and profiles

  4. gerMan

    Muy interesante, te pone a reflexionar.

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