Using for Discovery

While is a great tool to make a beautiful page that showcases who you are, it was also created to discover new people and make connections. And you just never know who you’re going to find! Not sure how to start using to discover others? Try searching for your school (high school, university, graduate school) or interests. I discovered Jason Toff‘s page (in our header photo) because of my affinity for bubble tea.

As you search, don’t be afraid to follow your whims. Click on other people’s interests, swap your different search terms, get lost among amazing pages.  Exploration and serendipity lead me to find Ľubica Stančíková‘s page which immediately stood out because of her stunning photo.

Ľubica Stančíková on

Once you find someone interesting, don’t forget to check out their collections at the bottom of the page. There’s a good chance that the people in their collections will have something in common with you too.

Click the Discover button. Check out the Staff Picks, Featured and Popular pages and you’re guaranteed to find tons of fascinating and entertaining people like Erin Mallory Long, a writer and one of 18 Funny Women you should be following on Twitter.

Erin Mallory Long on

Finally, take a look at the people who have complimented you, viewed your page, share your location, and more.  That’s how I discovered Terrance Kwok‘s page, below.

Terrance Kwok on

So go exploring, view other pages, give compliments and look for connections with people. You could find your next favorite musician, photographer, friend, colleague or cofounder. The possibilities are endless when you take the time to discover others and all the stories, photos, videos, and so much more, that they have to offer.

Eliana Arredondo is the Community Manager for She is a graduate of Stanford University and despises writing third person bios about herself.