How to Use Twitter to Get Discovered

Social media users know Twitter as a platform to quickly and succinctly share thoughts and ideas with people throughout the world. But sometimes, 140 characters is just not enough to tell the full story of who you are or what you’re thinking. As Tony Conrad likes to say, “You are more than the sum of your tweets.”

That’s where comes in. When you add your page link to your Twitter bio, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to tell you story more fully, and on your terms.

Tony Hawk (in our post header) uses his URL in his Twitter bio to show off more of who he is and other places you can find him across the web. Whether it be on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, Tony Hawk’s page allows others to discover more about him and his favorite places to interact online.

Tony Hawk w on Twitter

Veronica Belmont also uses her page in her Twitter bio giving others the chance to check out her blog, see what she does outside of work, find her podcast, Vimeo page and favorite Flickr photographs.

Once people begin to discover who you are through your page, you might just notice something amazing happening. Not only will your page’s viewers skyrocket, but so will views of your apps and links bringing more attention to your startup or favorite causes. With a compelling page that shows who you are both personally and professionally, you might even find others starting to reach out to you to collaborate, chat or share ideas.

As an added bonus, you’ll also have the chance to enter our Follow Friday contest. With your page linked in your Twitter bio, all you have to do is tweet at us with the hashtag #FFaboutme and you could find yourself featured here, on the blog. The result, more exposure to your page, your passions and your amazing personal story.

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