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Entrepreneurs and Travelers: Staff Picks

Picking our weekly favorite Staff Picks page is one of our favorite things to do each week since it gives us the chance to check out a great selection of our community. We hope you enjoy having a look at our top four for the week and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

Liz Bacelar (in our header photo) is a former journalist and Emmy-nominated network TV producer of CBS. Now a “techie”, Liz connects tech founders and fashion decision-makers through Decoded Fashion.

Brandon Anderson on


Founder, CEO, Georgetown University senior, former Army engineer and Social Justice Advocate, Brandon Anderson has an impressive background. Read his incredible story on his page.

Patricia Malfitano on

Raised half in Brazil and half in Connecticut, Patricia Malfitano is a bi-lingual event producer who excels at choosing the best avocados at Trader Joe’s. See her page to learn more!

Grzegorz Albrecht on


Serial entrepreneur, Grzegorz Albrecht used to be a hip-hop and graffiti artist and these days, when he’s not investing in early stage startups, you can find him traveling, running marathons or scuba diving.

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