New Year, New Staff Picks

In celebration of the New Year, we’ve filled our Staff Picks with tons of fresh pages for you to peruse. Then, with great difficulty, we chose our four favorites to serve as inspiration for sprucing up your page to reflect the new you this year.

To start, we have Larissa Veloso from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. A corporate communications and public relations expert, Larissa is looking for opportunities abroad this year.

Steve Moraco

Steve Moraco is a constant traveler and the author of the textbook/course, “The World’s Best School: Travel”. He enjoys watching sunrises and finding new ways to make learning fun.

Lucy BrownA sports and design enthusiast, Lucy Brown co-founded Lumo Clothing which makes apparel and accessories for city cyclists with integrated LED lighting.

Felix BanaszakA federal spokesman for the Grünen Jugend (or Green Youth) organization in Germany, Felix Banaszak, is driven to participate in policy that allows for peace and freedom for all.

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