3 New Year’s Tricks

New Year, New You!

New Year’s resolutions, carving new paths, turning over a new leaf… 2015 means a new opportunity to tell the story of who you are and who you’re becoming.

We’ve put together these exclusive New Year’s tips for updating your about.me page so it makes a first impression online that reflects the true you.

1. Choose A Photo That Makes You Smile
Add a fresh picture that reflects your outlook for the new year. Have fun with it! Grab a friend, a camera, and have your own photo shoot.

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2. Tell Your Story
Did your biography collect some dust in 2014? The new year offers up the perfect opportunity to polish it. Are you starting a new endeavor like learning a new language or developing a product? Add it as an interest in your Biography box to make it easy for people to discover you. Share links to anything you’re working on, add an app, or even embed your latest SoundCloud tracks right to your profile.

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3. Update Your Backstory
Your Backstory is the perfect place to share your experiences, as well as accomplishments that make you proud. Update the quote in your Backstory to include a motto that reminds you why you hustle. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog post, 10 Quotes to Live By.

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