How One Photographer Shows The World Through Her Eyes

Noukka Signe remembers the exact moment that inspired her to become a photographer. It was during her teenage years, when she discovered the work of now famous fashion photographer, Lara Jade.

“At the time, she was doing a lot of self portraits,” said Noukka. “They were all very emotional and personal. I liked how she expressed herself, so I saved up money to buy a camera.”

Since then, Noukka has been hard at work pursuing her passion and stays busy as a freelance photographer.

An image from one of Noukka's projects, "Touches."

An image from one of Noukka’s projects, “Touches.”

“It’s cool to show the world through my eyes,” Noukka said. “One of my favorite things was when my mother would ask me, ‘Where did you take this photo?’ She was so surprised when I told her that it was just around the corner of the house.”

A communication and multimedia design student at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands, she is constantly creating something new. This includes everything from self portraits, short videos and animations. Noukka looks to celebrate the little things in life through her art.

“Songs or music, they trigger something in me,” Noukka said. “I’m also very inspired when I’m biking. I take the same 20 minute bike ride every day and I always let my mind wander.”


While Noukka boasts an impressive portfolio full of amazing images, she uses to tell her story in a different way.

My page shows that photography is a part of my life,” she said. “I always had the issue of sharing if I’m a student or if I’m a photographer. With, I can tell the whole story and other sides of me.”

After graduating from college, Noukka plans to pursue a career that allows her creativity to shine. Her tips for other students pursuing a passion, “Be disciplined,” she said. “Make sure it makes you happy.”

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