10 Quotes to Live By

Everyone needs a motto. On dark days, a motto can help you see the light. On good days, it can remind you to be thankful.

Whether it’s your Grandma’s best advice, an inspirational Steve Jobs musing, or a classic Marilyn Monroe quote, words can give you a boost of motivation to remind you of what’s most important.

Here are few of our favorite Backstory quotes from about.me users and why they’re so powerful.

1. Because one day, you want to be just like Beyoncé.

Backstory Quote

Piper Browne

2. Because victory isn’t as sweet if you didn’t suffer.

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Griffin Sinn

3. Because you need a reminder that you can do anything.

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Katerina Britzolaki

4. Because your passion has no boundaries.

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Sam Getliffe

5. Because there’s no secret to success.

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Nick Chmura

6. Because luck doesn’t just happen.

Backstory Quote

Xavier Conrad

7. Because you need to know that you’re better than a copy.

Backstory Quote

Meghan Lydon

8. Because only you can push yourself.

Backstory Quote

Lars Schmiedgen

9. Because sometimes, a simple reminder is all you need to keep going.

Backstory Quote

Kim Campbell

10. Because you won’t go anywhere if you don’t dream.

Backstory Quote

Peter Anchel

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In the famous words Aubrey Drake Graham, “You only live once, that’s the motto, YOLO.”

Zoë Björnson is a College Outreach Coordinator with about.me. She is a graduate of Tulane University. You can find her on Twitter @kzoeb.

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  1. Or, I like to use my own quote;

    “Shout, even when nobody will listen!” ~Joseph D. Smith, autistic blogger.

    It simply means that it takes persistence to change people’s minds even if they don’t want to know or hear the truth!

  2. “Living life to the fullest has more to do with having a ‘present’ consciousness and appreciation of your own “Being”, than with doing anything. After all, you must first “Be” before you can “Do”. William Garcia
    “Life” and “Time” are two parallel lines on a single page, where stories of ‘life’ have endings; where ‘time’ does not. Let your story be told, as one lived with purpose and passion”. William Garcia
    “All plans for success must ‘die’ if your dreams are to ‘live’. But, for plans to die, they must be EXECUTED”. William Garcia
    “When two people come together to work on an idea, three minds are present; yours, mine and ours”. William Garcia
    “Yes. We live one moment at a time, in “Time”. But, we do so in one constant and continuous “Now”. Realize and appreciate that the reality is that you are living your “Entire” life “Now”. William Garcia
    “No one “Is”. We are all constantly and continuously “Becoming” who we are “to be” as time elapses. Therefore, it is impossible ‘to be’ precisely the same “You” twice. In other words, you will ALWAYS NEVER be the same”. William Garcia
    “Please understand that “We” make the world go around, not “I”. So, add a little “Us” into your life”. William Garcia
    “Always try to live in the Present Positive Tense. Think now; Think positive”. William Garcia
    “Think of ‘failure’ as nothing more than a temporary experience. It is not a permanent condition or a terminal disease. Experience it, and then let it go. Survive it and try again. Nothing scares away failure, more than another try. Nothing is more attractive to success, than courage” William Garcia.
    “The quality of the life you now live, as you pursue your goal, should nonetheless be meaningful and satisfying. Think about it this way. The Thrill lives in the Hunt, but dies with the Kill. The thrill is about making the most of your life now. The hunt is the pursuit of a worthy goal, and the kill is the goal achieved and the reset of a new goal”. William Garcia
    “Time”, ultimately, is the highest quality element there is. “Life”, consequently, is the most perfect state of “Being”. The combination of the two is the most powerful force there is; the force of “You”; the force of “I”. Let’s use this force for “Good”. William Garcia
    “To reason that each of us is unique, is to reason that each of us now possess a gift or a talent. However, that gift or talent is “Exclusively reserved for those who purposefully seek it out. Some experience success this way. Still, not everyone believes that they possess a gift or talent and so, have no reason to seek. It’s Ok though, if you are mindful and believe that there never was and that there never will be anyone better than you, at being “You”. You are already the Best. So now, what are you going to do”? William Garcia
    “Nothing” is the unthinkable, and to think of “Nothing” is impossible. Because, to simply contemplate “Nothing is in fact “Something”. The closest thing to “Nothing” is “Death’; something we know nothing about”. William Garcia
    “Our entire lives are cloaked in the “Moment”, in the “Now”. Consequently, we live our entire lives in our own “Bubble” of “Time” that eventually burst when we run out of life”. William Garcia
    “We enter into the world through a “Gate” in “Time” and we live until we run out of Life exiting through another “Gate” on the other side of “Time”. Where that “Gate” leads to may very well depend upon what you really believe. What do you believe”? William Garcia
    “Wishing against the present reality of a negative experience, temporarily paralyzes the mind, impedes the occurrence of positive thought and allow for the onset of stress. Never wish “It” didn’t happen. Instead, do something about “It”, Now”. William Garcia
    “Attaining many things in life is much easier than making the “Commitment” to actually attain them. Too often, a lack of commitment is the reason for failure”. William Garcia
    “In the beginning, and as it will “Always” continue to be, there is only “Time”; there is only “Now” and the always “Becoming” of the brand new “You”. William Garcia

  3. You might as well be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

    Keep your head in the stars,
    Your feet on the earth,
    And your dreams in your heart.
    – Prowess Rayna

  4. Vijay kapoor

    Present times are Right Here Right Now. Or in short live it up for next moment is yet to come.

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