Hats, Entrepreneurship and Journalists: Staff Picks

The weekend is here and as you’re doing some casual Saturday internet browsing don’t forget to check out all the awesome people in our Staff Picks section. With great photos, and even better photos to tell about them, it’s a page worth checking out on a weekly basis. Here are four of our favorites from this week.

In our header we’ve got Marc Hemeon, co-founder of North and former designer for YouTube and Google. He loves family, surfing, and painting and his awesome page definitely deserves some compliments!

Sakina Jones

We love Sakina Jones‘s outfit in this photo and it comes as no surprise to us that she is a fashion lover whose job is to help people and brands to enhance their own personal style.

Jeff Bercovici

A journalist, Jeff Bercovici is currently the San Francisco bureau chief for Inc. and has previously written for The New York Times, Forbes, GQ and Playboy.

Yulia KonovnitsynaYulia Konovnitsyna wears a lot of hads. She’s a social media freelancer, part-time world traveler, nature lover, yoga aficionado and vegetarian. Be sure to check out her Backstory for more on her work.