Entrepreneurship in Los Angeles: Tiffy Diamond

With a famous football player father and an actress mother, Tiffy Diamond also known by her full name, Tiffany Diamond Smith, had something of an atypical upbringing. Since her parents had non-traditional jobs, Tiffy was also encouraged to be creative and follow whatever path she wanted, with no pressure. At a young age she was immersed in arts and sports, sparking her creativity.

When she attended college, her love of watching movies and crafting stories as a child inspired her to minor in screenwriting and she majored in Business Law and Marketing. Soon after, she fell into producing commercials and later went into business with her brother, Armani Joseph, a director and photographer. Together they formed a production company called Live.Art.Love or (LA)Love for short.

Though it’s not always easy being in business with her brother, Tiffy says that they’re able to shake off any disagreements pretty quickly. After all, they both want what’s best for the company and their different skill sets help them to make it successful. While her brother is the “people person” and directs all the commercials, she produces them and writes a good deal of them, bringing her screenwriting minor back into play.

Tiffy Behind The Scenes

I enjoy working with other creatives, taking an idea and forming an entire video campaign around that one concept. I surround myself with positive people and work hard to create a small family atmosphere within my company.”

Just three years old, the company has already produced commercials and short documentaries for many major brands including: Guinness, Reebok, Unilever as well as local Los Angeles startups. Tiffy’s favorite documentary was one they produced for a small company called Sharpe Suiting which creates custom suits for everyone but also specializes in the LGBTQ community. “I had a great time filming with them for a few days and learning about why it’s so important to have companies like this,” she said.

While she enjoys working with companies of all sorts, it’s the work for small, local companies which seem to inspire Tiffy the most. With a background in modeling, Tiffy was doing a few photo shoots for companies around Los Angeles when she discovered that some of the great small clothing brands she was modeling for had a hard time getting noticed. That was all the inspiration she need to take up another project, a fashion blog called Cute LA which promotes local fashion brands and entrepreneurs.

And when she’s not busy with all of the above, Tiffy somehow finds time to play guitar, go golfing with her dad once a week, hike and refurbish furniture. She says she hopes to start taking wood shop classes soon. With so many interests and projects going on in her life, how does Tiffy stay organized and share her story? Check out her answers, below.


How did you hear of about.me and what made you sign up for it?

I’ve been on about.me since it first started and found out about it through Twitter. I always try to stay updated on the newest platforms to see if any are a right fit for me. Because I’m always signing up for new social media platforms, about.me was the perfect way to have all of my networks in one cohesive place. No clutter, only a short bio and the best ways to connect. For a minimalist like me, you couldn’t ask for a better platform.

What’s your favorite feature on the platform?

My favorite feature on the platform is the ability to compliment others and again it has ALL of my links. I enjoy browsing people in my field/interests and sending them compliments. I know it makes me feel good getting them so I always try to check out the accomplishments of others. As I’m always updating my old profiles, about.me is the one constant in my online presence. You can visit it and see my newest websites, social media links and blogs. It’s also great for people to pick and choose if and how to collaborate with me.

How are you using the platform on other digital mediums?

I have the about.me link in my Twitter bio, widget on my main website and as the signature in my personal email. When I don’t want to clutter my email signature, I just use the about.me link. Makes the email a lot more streamlined.

Have you used about.me to connect with others on the platform?

I’ve connected with others through about.me. I’ve also had quite a few people contact me to get advice in regards to fashion blogging, entertainment and producing. I think that’s awesome. I’m very big on helping people and sharing knowledge. about.me has given me a lot of opportunities by allowing me to make friends in different fields all around the world.

Eliana Arredondo is the Community Manager for about.me. She is a graduate of Stanford University.

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