3 Ways For College Students to Communicate With Confidence

Being able to communicate with confidence is a game changer for any college student. It’s the difference between getting people to believe in you or forget about you.

If your professors are inspired by your passion, they’ll invest in you and your college experience. If employers trust you, they will hire you for that internship. If fellow students believe you, they’ll get behind your organization.

Many students struggle with interpersonal communication skills. In fact, many can be painfully awkward. If this is you, don’t stress. Communicating with confidence is easier than you might think.

Improve your communication skills with these three tips, more on campus.about.me.


Antonio Neves is the Director of Higher Education for about.me. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. You can find him on Twitter at@TheAntonioNeves.

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  1. If there are any standard questions that you’re sure you’ll get, it doesn’t hurt to practice with a tape recorder. I’ve done this for a few interviews and it has made a huge difference–it even got me a few offers.

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