One Founder’s Key To Success and Believing In Yourself 100%

Stephanie Burns turned layoffs into a thriving business.

When Stephanie was getting her MBA, many of her friends were getting laid off and they all had the same question: how do I start my own business? Stephanie realized that she wasn’t necessarily learning how to start a business in business school. Instead, she was learning how to run one.

So Stephanie thought she’d create a space for people to learn ground level business information for free. Chic CEO was born. With honesty, tenacity and a large dose of believing in herself, Stephanie has grown her business into the thriving network that it is today. In this exclusive interview, Stephanie tells us how to get started building your own business, why she doesn’t believe that following your passion will necessarily make you successful and how she stays inspired.

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Tips For A Standout Photo

A powerful photo shows personality, comfort and confidence.

With these 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all 3.

1 – Be deliberate. 

Although most great photos convey an air of spontaneity, it’s important to schedule a photo session and think critically about photo logistics. Make sure you plan your shoot when you can get great light. If you want your photo outside, consider taking a photo in the early morning hours around sunrise and at the magical hour before sunset. Besides timing, you’ll also want to determine how you want your face framed. For your page, a horizontal photo works best with your face off-center.

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3 Ways For College Students to Communicate With Confidence

Being able to communicate with confidence is a game changer for any college student. It’s the difference between getting people to believe in you or forget about you.

If your professors are inspired by your passion, they’ll invest in you and your college experience. If employers trust you, they will hire you for that internship. If fellow students believe you, they’ll get behind your organization.

Many students struggle with interpersonal communication skills. In fact, many can be painfully awkward. If this is you, don’t stress. Communicating with confidence is easier than you might think.

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